I started playing piano when I was in 5th grade. Below are two of the albums I was blessed to produce several years ago.

At approximately 15 years old I started playing piano for my church and at age 19, I was provided an opportunity to join a Southern Gospel mixed quartet who lived in Swansea, SC. They were known as The Meredith Family. Talk about culture shock!! A south Florida city boy moving to Swansea where the closest gas station was 7 miles away!!

I traveled the United States and Canada playing until finally relocating back to South Florida and began working on my Law Enforcement Career. Strange right?

Every Sunday I am blessed to be able to use my God-Given talents at my local church (Kingdom Life Church) in Simpsonville, SC where I am the Band leader and keyboard player. I hope you enjoy.

Worship By The Ocean was produced and recorded in Fort Lauderdale at Joe Beard Studios in 2001.
Remember Who You Are was produced and recorded in Greenville, SC at Opus One Recording Studios in 2003.