Getting To Know Jennifer “JD” Davis

Please tell us a little bit about your family.

It’s just me and my two kitties in my immediate family. Jasper and Aidan. My parents live in the house I grew up in, two blocks away from my house. I see them almost nightly. I have a brother who is currently working for a winery in Sonoma. He is a financial Analyst. My dad was a real estate appraiser and my mom was a nurse and taught nursing. Two of my uncles on my mom’s side live here and so do some of my cousins. We all grew up in Greenville as did my parents who went to Greenville High together.

What do you love most about the real estate industry?

Helping people. Every day is challenging and you learn something new. It’s like solving a new puzzle with every client.

What inspired you or led you to become a licensed real estate agent?

My dad always wanted me to do this. I grew up in RE. So finally I gave in and tried it. I wish I had done it many many many years before.

What inspired you or led you to join our C Dan Joyner Family?

I interviewed with three places but once I met Fritzi it was done. I was already leaning towards C Dan based on my impression and my Dad’s that they were the top company growing up, known for their training other agents.

What are a couple of your favorite restaurants in our community?

Depends on the food I want to eat. I love Irashai for sushi, Fried Green Tomatoes for a meat and three, Pita House for my mediterranean, Probably Halls or Ruth Chris for a steak. Just depends on what I am in the mood for. I try to eat local when I can.

How long have you lived or worked in the upstate of South Carolina?

I am born and bred here third generation in Greenville. I did live in FL for 8 years while working as a drug rep for P&G

What is the neatest event you have been to here in the upstate?

Does seeing Milli Vanilli at Memorial Auditorium count? HA What about the Commodores at Freedom Weekend Aloft. I miss both of those places so much. The Singing Christmas Tree was also a very cool event when I was a child.

Give me three attributes that best describe YOU?

Passionate, Empathetic , Energetic

What is your favorite movie of all time?

Gone with the Wind and Willow. Both for very different reasons!

Do you have any advice that you consistently give to your clients?

Hang in there. Buyers are going to be more like dating- and I am the matchmaker trying to help them get to the house they want to propose too. And then I have to plan the wedding. It’s about the things you want and the dealbreakers and the things you look past when you look at it as the whole, and it’s never perfect. Sellers- it can always be a rocky boat but job is to keep it as steady as possible without any of us going overboard.

What is something that you dream of doing one day?

Helping Others- That’s why I want to be a BIC- to leave that legacy to others just like so many have poured into me.

What would you consider to be your specialty?

I am a people person, I am empathetic and I am very good at relating to others.

What is one thing about the Upstate that you believe sets it apart over everywhere else?

Everything! Seriously it’s so close to bigger cities like Atlanta and Charlotte. It;s a big city with a small town feel at times. There is amazing food to try everywhere. The weather is mild, the people are friendly the scenery is beautiful. What is not to love!! We have lakes and mountains and a short drive to a beach. Great schools, great jobs, we are on all the top lists for a reason.

Outside of a personal family member, is there anyone that you look up to more than anyone else and is considered by you to be an inspiration?

For me it was Fritzi. I have never really looked up to or been inspired by someone outside of my parents or grandparents before meeting her. She was really my first mentor.

Where would you like to be in your life in the next ten years?

Still working for C. Dan

What is one thing that most people do not know about you?

I feel like most people know a lot about me because I am very open about likes, dislikes, and talents.

Are there any places that you have visited that you would recommend for others to visit and enjoy?

Are we talking in the US or out? It’s been a while but I loved Spain! I feel like everyone should go to New Orleans and Nashville once in their lives too.

If you could be famous would you be an actor, a musician, a politician, a sports star or anything else you would wish to be?

Probably an actor or a writer

What is your favorite time of the year?

Fall- leaves changing cool enough for a leather jacket and knee boots the sound of marching band for football games. Leaves changing, Greenville shows it’s true beauty and of course Halloween!

What do you wish for your clients every time you begin to work with them?

That they find a house that is mostly what they are looking for. That they are satisfied and happy. Basically that at the end they are smiling.

How do you work on being better everyday (Personal and business)?

I read my bible, I do bible studies alone and with friends, I listen to podcasts, I read books constantly, I try to learn from each day what I would do better and what I could change.

Name one thing that sets you apart from other agents in the Upstate.

My heart. I love my hometown. I love life. I love most people and I want to share my heart with them as I truly pour everything I have into making their RE transaction a success.

What is your favorite social media platform?

I guess Facebook/instagram because I use them the most. I stalk Tik Tok for laughs but have never posted there

Finally, what makes a home a home to you?

Home is truly where the heart is. It’s where you feel comfortable, it’s where you share space, it’s an expression of you, it’s where you recharge, it’s where you shelter, it’s where you feel safe. It’s where you celebrate and where you relax. It is where memories are made.

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