Getting To Know Maggie Toler

Please tell us a little bit about your family.

My husband, Tad Toler, and I have been married for just over 2 years. We met at church and started dating over 3 years ago and got married a year later in 2019. We have an adorable niece and two nephews that we just delight in. Both of our parents live in Greenville and we are fortunate to live down the street from my brother and sister-in-law and our nephew, Rhett.

What do you love most about the real estate industry?

Getting to work with so many different incredible people. Our industry, for the most part, is very enjoyable and full of helpful people from an agent-side, contractors, and of course, getting to know so many clients that become friends is the icing on the cake!

What inspired you or led you to become a licensed real estate agent?

I wanted to be in sales, and really liked the idea of working for myself and getting to work with a lot of different people in a very intimate / closely involved and hands-on setting. I really didn’t know much about selling real estate when I got into it, as I had never even purchased a home – but I immediately fell in love with the fast-pace, and highly relational career that it is.

What inspired you or led you to join our C Dan Joyner Family?

I met with David Crigler and expressed my concerns around all that I did not know about this industry, and he explained what a helpful, family-oriented company C. Dan Joyner REALTORS was, and how agents are always willing to jump in and help answer questions and to encourage you in your career. So many company’s operate in a much more “every man for himself” that was just not my style. I could tell immediately that this company, and the people that made up the company were going to take good care of me.

What are a couple of your favorite restaurants in our community?

The Strip Club in Greer is the best! I also love Adams Bistro, Tipsy Taco, and NoseDive.

How long have you lived or worked in the upstate of South Carolina?

I was born and raised in Greenville – so I have lived here for 34 years. I have worked in the Upstate for 12 years, and in the real estate profession for 9 years.

What is the neatest event you have been to here in the upstate?

Homes for Hope Ball / Auction — I love seeing how they are impacting the community from a housing perspective.

Give me three attributes that best describe YOU?


What is your favorite movie of all time?

Father of the Bride (1 and 2!)

Do you have any advice that you consistently give to your clients?

Do not settle or talk yourself into a house. We will find the right one, you just have to be patient!
One of my favorite things about this job is the moment when it just clicks, and you know it’s the right one and it’s like “okay, let’s go get it!” And you know the process has been worth the wait and worth not talking yourself into another house.

What is something that you dream of doing one day?

Taking Tad to Africa to serve within Young Life.

What would you consider to be your specialty?

Downtown, North Main, Augusta, Gower, Eastside of town circle around the general Downtown Greenville area.

What is one thing about the Upstate that you believe sets it apart over everywhere else?

Despite the tremendous growth we have seen, it is still one of the most friendly, hospitable and family-oriented places I have ever been. We have the small-town-feel, and yet have grown in such strategic and cool ways over the last decade. I cannot wait to see what the next decade has in store for this special city!

Outside of a personal family member, is there anyone that you look up to more than anyone else and is considered by you to be an inspiration?

Fritzi Barbour was my broker in charge and just one of a kind. I knew how special she was before she passed away, but like life sometimes does, I don’t think I truly cherished her and showed her how much I loved and appreciated her while she was here. She was the greatest cheerleader, and cared so genuinely about my personal life, in addition to motivating me and helping me grow in my career. She encouraged me to have boundaries in my job, and put myself and my life before the demands that this job brings so that I would not burn out of a career that I truly enjoy. She cared about people and did so much not only for the real estate industry, but for this town. The way that she valiantly and courageously fought her ovarian cancer battle was such a lesson to me in bravery, perseverance, the power of positivity, and the solid foundation of her faith in which grounded her. She loved her husband so much, and delighted in the time that they got to spend away from work hours. She invested time and energy into me and I often quote advice she gave me, and try to channel how she would think through certain scenarios even now. I miss her so dearly and am so thankful that the Lord placed her in my life.

Where would you like to be in your life in the next ten years?

Raising a family, adventuring as a family, and still enjoying taking care of clients in the real estate industry.

What is one thing that most people do not know about you?

I got a hole-in-one on a Par 3 when I was 12 years old (my second time playing golf, and then I quit playing after that until I met my husband who used to be a golf teaching pro). If I had stuck with it, I probably would’ve been really good, but at that age, I figured I had “mastered” that sport, and just moved onto the next one!

Are there any places that you have visited that you would recommend for others to visit and enjoy?

I love all things California – San Diego, San Francisco in particular. I also would strongly encourage anyone with a heart for overseas missions to go to Africa – the people you will meet exude a joy that is intangible and truly contagious.

If you could be famous would you be an actor, a musician, a politician, a sports star or anything else you would wish to be?

Musician! I wish I could sing, but unfortunately I cannot hit a note if my life depended on it!

What is your favorite time of the year?

I love late Spring/early Summer time!

What do you wish for your clients every time you begin to work with them?

That they would trust me and believe that we are on the same team, and that they would have patience through the process, as in particular with this current market, it takes a lot of patience to find the right home with the amount of competition out there.

How do you work on being better everyday (Personal and business)?

Grounding myself in Scripture and starting the day in the Bible is the only way that I can work and serve from a full cup – otherwise, I am not helpful to anyone if I am operating on empty!

Name one thing that sets you apart from other agents in the Upstate.

I am extremely communicative and very quick to respond to things. I am very good at juggling a lot of balls at once, and keeping everything moving smoothly along through the process. My job is to make this process as smooth and seamless as possible. I am very very hands on and proactive. I love people and nothing is more satisfying than knowing that I get to take care of them through the process, knowing that no one will care for them better!

What is your favorite social media platform?


Finally, what makes a home a home to you?

The people in it – whether it is who lives there, but also who you invite into it – neighbors, friends, family, etc.The memories that are made or will be made inside.

Maggie Toler is an agent at the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C Dan Joyner, REALTORS® Pleasantburg Office.

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