Oh My Cod!


A really good friend of mine told me a while ago that I need to begin doing food reviews on Youtube. I do not have a lot of time to do that (and do it right)….BUT I am going to review the Culver’s / Culver’s North Atlantic Cod Plate that I had the opportunity to eat today 8-25-2023.

Oh My COD!!!! I have eaten a ton of fish platters at multiple restaurants in my life. Most of the time, I have found the best Fish and Chips plates are found at “True” Irish Pubs. But no longer will I say that.

I ordered the three piece plate. This meal was cooked to absolute perfection. The fish itself was cooked perfectly and was so flaky there was literally no need for the knife provided. The coloring of the light and flaky (but crispy) batter was superb. This plate came out hot, the way it should be.

Upon my first bite without hot sauce or malt vinegar….I was blown away. It was almost as if the muscles in my face began to dance The Macarena as I chewed ever so slowly to make sure I could taste every last part of the first bite. Unreal!

To add to my dancing face muscle excitement…I decided to coat the rest of the piece with the provided Cholula Hot Sauce (One of my favorite hot sauces). The sauce complimented the Cod ever so perfectly and along with my face muscles still dancing the Macarena….my taste buds began begging for more. I literally heard them screaming at me for more to the point I thought the neighboring table heard them as well.

The next piece of fish was coated with Malt Vinegar and lawd have mercy!!!! This just magnified the already wonderful perfectly cooked exterior around the fish itself. My tastebuds were now overly excited and literally almost jumping out of my mouth. Face muscles were still dancing The Macarena, and I do believe a permanent smile was on face as I continued on my food and taste journey.

I coated the third and final piece with both the Malt Vinegar and Hot Sauce. That was the trick. At this point….I was enjoying this meal so much I pictured myself as a volcano (Mt. St. Helens) on the verge of explosion from such food pleasure.

Regarding the fries and coleslaw…. The fries were cooked to perfection and HOT! The coleslaw was not too vinegerry (Is That a word?) and not too sweet. The fries and coleslaw complimented the three fish pieces very well.

The portion size was perfect with the three pieces however for smaller eaters…I imagine the two piece would have been just fine.

So all in all very impressed with this meal and I give this an absolute 10 out of 10. They nailed it!

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