RE-Build Upstate Simpsonville Project 2019

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS® helps people achieve their individual real estate dreams through our strong commitment to RELATIONSHIPS, FAMILY and COMMUNITY. This is the Brand Statement that is on the wall of all 10 offices of the C. Dan Joyner Company. On October 18, 2019 our Simpsonville office was able to live out our Brand Statement and put it into action for the third year in a row through the help and assistance of ReBUILD Upstate

Ms. D. is a very pleasant woman who has her adult daughter and adult grand-children living with her in Simpsonville. She has had some medical issues this past year and because of such has had a hard time getting around. She uses a walker in order to stay mobile, but even this is challenging and extremely slow. She has some medical issues she deals with on a daily basis and finances are continuously short. 

When we arrived on site on that brisk Friday morning it was clear that the front deck and stairs were in complete disrepair. There was no handrail on one side and the other side was literally about to fall off. There was no stability whatsoever and as far as safety was concerned…well let’s just say it was just about as unsafe as it could be for an elderly lady with a walker. 

Several agents of our Simpsonville office volunteered their time to completely remove Ms. D’s old deck and stairs and build an entirely new deck with a long ramp for easy and safe egress and regress to her home. As the day progressed, each agent could feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work knowing that their actions were not only helping a member in the community to have a better lifestyle but that they themselves were leaving a legacy as our founder, the late C. Dan Joyner continuously reminded us of.

The agents knew that their actions were appreciated at the end of the day by Ms. D because of her heartfelt gratitude and thankfulness for everyone involved. As she kept saying words and phrases like, “Oh my Lord, I never would have imagined this!”, “Thank You So Much!”, “It is easy to finally get outside and enjoy this nice weather.”, some tears began to well up in most of our eyes, because each of us could literally feel her generosity and appreciation. Her smile radiated and we left there knowing that we lived out our brand statement and put into action, and there is no greater feeling than knowing that a small selfless action just impacted someone else tremendously and literally changed their life.  

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