Getting To Know Melissa Morrell

Please tell us a little bit about your family.

Married 26 years this May to Tony. We have 3 children, Ashley (23), Hannah (19) and Ty (15). We also have two golden doodles, Palmer (7) and Sadie (3).

What do you love most about the real estate industry?

Every day is different. It’s exciting, challenging and so rewarding!

What inspired you or led you to become a licensed real estate agent?

My mother who was also an agent for more than 25 years.

What inspired you or led you to join our C Dan Joyner Family?

The family oriented culture @ C Dan Joyner not to mention their leadership position in the industry for so many decades!

What are a couple of your favorite restaurants in our community?

Halls Chophouse, Coral Greenville, The 05, & Neat Bourbon Bar

How long have you lived or worked in the upstate of South Carolina?

25 years in the Upstate; 19 years as of last Nov as a REALTOR®

What is the neatest event you have been to here in the upstate?

My 2nd annual Bourbon for Boobs event this past October was epic for me!!!!

Give me three attributes that best describe YOU?

Passionate, Responsive and FUN!

What is your favorite movie of all time?

That’s so hard…..Good Will Hunting, Erin Brokovich and Titanic!

Do you have any advice that you consistently give to your clients?

Be patient. Sometimes the right house takes time to find and sometimes sell, when the market changes.

What is something that you dream of doing one day?

Having my own show or working as a motivational speaker.

What would you consider to be your specialty?

Preparing and marketing a home for sale and then using every tool out there to SELL SELL SELL!

What is one thing about the Upstate that you believe sets it apart over everywhere else?

Culture, climate and proximity to the coast, mountains and larger cities! And no doubt the PEOPLE who are among THE most generous in the nation!

Outside of a personal family member, is there anyone that you look up to more than anyone else and is considered by you to be an inspiration?

My mother and my former broker, Fritzi Barbour. Both have passed but they drive me every single day to be the very best I can be not just as a REALTOR®, but in life.

Where would you like to be in your life in the next ten years?

That’s a tough one. I hope I am able to not only still be working in real estate but also able to spend loads of time with my adult children…..and maybe grandchildren by then!!

What is one thing that most people do not know about you?

I would love to be able to sing. (I’m awful but boy would I love to learn how to do it….better!)

Are there any places that you have visited that you would recommend for others to visit and enjoy?

Turks & Caicos

If you could be famous would you be an actor, a musician, a politician, a sports star or anything else you would wish to be?


What is your favorite time of the year?

Fall !!!

What do you wish for your clients every time you begin to work with them?

A seamless process filled with joy and ultimate success finding or selling a home!

How do you work on being better everyday (Personal and business)?

Learning from my mistakes. Listening harder to what people need & want. Consistently setting goals for myself daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & annually.

Name one thing that sets you apart from other agents in the Upstate.

Energy and Drive!

What is your favorite social media platform?

Instagram (Love the stories)

Finally, what makes a home a home to you?

A home is not a place. It’s a feeling.

Melissa Morrell is an agent at the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C Dan Joyner, REALTORS® Midtown Office.

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