Getting To Know Vickie Given

Please tell us a little bit about your family.

Grew up on a 80 acre farm in Michigan with 2 sisters. Met my husband in a dental office and been married to him for 31 years. I have a son who is married to my wonderful daughter in law who gave him 3 great children, Addie, Gavin and Brenna.

What do you love most about the real estate industry?

Meeting new people and problem solving

What inspired you or led you to become a licensed real estate agent?

A previous boss and my husband both said it would be perfect for me, and it is!

What inspired you or led you to join our C Dan Joyner Family?

It’s a family business and the best in the Upstate.

What are a couple of your favorite restaurants in our community?

Shortfields in TR, Villa Capri in Easley and Shuckin’ Shack on Pelham Road

How long have you lived or worked in the upstate of South Carolina?

15 Years

What is the neatest event you have been to here in the upstate?

Women of St Francis Pumps and Pearls event

Give me three attributes that best describe YOU?

Friendly, driven, fun

What is your favorite movie of all time?

An Affair to Remember with Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant. It makes me cry every time.

Do you have any advice that you consistently give to your clients?

We can do this!! Stick with me.

What is something that you dream of doing one day?

I have been so blessed to do so many things already. I would like to go to Ireland.

What would you consider to be your specialty?

Seniors. I have always had a heart for them and have worked with them in different capacities for years. I can be very patient with them and help their families understand what is happening with their loved one.

What is one thing about the Upstate that you believe sets it apart over everywhere else?

The people. They are so friendly and caring.

Outside of a personal family member, is there anyone that you look up to more than anyone else and is considered by you to be an inspiration?

Zig Ziglar. He was always so positive.

Where would you like to be in your life in the next ten years?

Right where I am now. Everyday I remind myself how very blessed I am and how happy.

What is one thing that most people do not know about you?

I owned a dollhouse and miniature shop in Indiana. I have gone from selling small houses to full size.

Are there any places that you have visited that you would recommend for others to visit and enjoy?

In San Juan Puerto Rico we went bioluminescent kayaking. We went after dark and when we arrived at the lake, when you put your oar in the water and stir it up it is like sprinkling gold. It was the best excursion we have done so far.

If you could be famous would you be an actor, a musician, a politician, a sports star or anything else you would wish to be?

I am as famous as I want to be. Realtor fits me perfectly

What is your favorite time of the year?

Spring as everything is coming back to life, but I love the colors of fall too

What do you wish for your clients every time you begin to work with them?

That we find the best home for them and we are friends for years to come.

How do you work on being better everyday (Personal and business)?

I try to listen to inspiring podcasts and music and also at least one webinar a week to improve my business abilities.

Name one thing that sets you apart from other agents in the Upstate.

I have worked in the Senior industry for many years and have a lot of knowledge to share and use to the do the best for my clients.

What is your favorite social media platform?

I like Youtube because when I am doing a project someone has a video available to help me.

Finally, what makes a home a home to you?

Peace. And my husband.

Vickie Given is an agent at the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C Dan Joyner, REALTORS® Midtown Office.

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