Top 10 Ways To Let Your Actions Speak Louder Than Your Words

Ever wonder how you can set yourself apart from the thousands of other real estate agents here in the Upstate? This may help you do just that! Be blessed my friends.

10. Do Not Miss Important Dates For Your Customers and Clients

Contact every person in your SOI and make sure your you have their birthdays, wedding anniversary (if applicable), and house anniversary. All this can be stored in the profile details of your contacts in CORE. Send Birthday Texts or eMail automatically through the system. Let the system do the admin work for you.

09. Social Media Profile Actions To Take

Make sure that you have a social media profile for every contact you have in your SOI. These profile URLS can also be saved in your CORE which will store a hyperlink on their timeline. This will allow you quick and easy access to their page so that you can send a Direct Message or like and share posts.

08. Remember Your Target Audience on Social Media

Create custom lists on Facebook to make your social media posts are more streamlined to your direct audience.

07. Food is EXTREMELY Important

Prepare a meal for at least 1 past client a month and deliver it to them OR have Grubhub deliver a meal to at least 1 Past Client a month.

06. Buyer’s Moving Day Pizza

When buyers close and they are moving in that day (Or when applicable), have pizza or an easy meal delivered to them…they will be hungry and too busy to stop and eat. They will more than likely have their dishes in boxes. This one little act will make all the difference in the world. Don’t forget beverages, cups, napkins and plates.

05. Utility Company Information Is A Must Share

Provide buyers their utility company information at least a week or two before closing. Give phone numbers and web addresses as many utility companies now have the ability to start services without even calling.

04. Communication In Key

Set expectations from the start. Meet with them to go over the contract in detail prior to ever writing your first offer. Make sure they understand what each key term in the contract is all about.

03. Thank You Will Go A Long Way

Send a thank you card immediately after listing a client’s house or signing on a buyer. Send this through the mail / handwritten. Treat them as if they just handed you their most precious treasure because THEY ARE entrusting you with one of life’s biggest stressors. Don’t forget to send them another handwritten Thank You card after the closing.

02. Little Children

If your buyers have young children make sure to have some coloring books or blank paper and crayons to keep them busy if the children are with the client’s for showings. This allows the buyers a little stress relief when looking at houses….remember that this is a stressful time and as wonderful as little children are, they can very easily distract buyer parents.

01. Concentrate On The Value and Not The Goal

“There is a wonderful Yiddish expression: Mensch tracht, un Gott lacht. It means “Man plans, and God laughs.” Focus on creating value to your clients and for the people around you, and the greatest opportunities will come to you in moments and from places you never expected.

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